I’m officially launching The Ultimate WordPress Designer today! In true Emily fashion, I am totally just going for it. Luckily, I planned out a crapload of blog posts and super awesome content for the rest of the week!

I’m SO excited about launch day! I’ve been working on this website in stealth mode for a little while but I’m 100% ready to go! WOO!

The Ultimate WordPress Designer started as a whim of an idea, when I saw an ad in a store looking to hire more part-time people. And I thought, who doesn’t need more cash?” And then I thought “Wait… I know how to do other things. Like websites. Let me see how fast I can put a website together this weekend…”

And I put the initial concept together over the next two days.

Two WEEKS later, I had something like 10 blog posts ready to go, another website ready for launch (later this week!) and a lot of feedback from some really groovy people who helped me get this website up and running with all the bells and whistles! Like a contact form. Oh dear. Nearly forgot the contact form.

But I digress. IT’S LAUNCH DAY!

So what’s this all about, you might ask? Why do I want to build websites for other people (aside from moolah)?

I’ve always loved developing new brand concepts and ideas. I’m so great at it that I completely abandon all of my ideas all the time to do new ones. I figured that might not be the most productive use of my time, so I thought I’d take my talents out into the world to help other people build their brands and online presences.

I’m here to help people who are getting started, people that need a refresh, and people that love good looking things on the internet. And I also want to share all that I know with everyone, so that we can all be empowered to make this sh*t happen for ourselves. Because we are amazing. Amiright? I am right.

If ya know someone who needs a website, or if you yourself need a website, you know who to call! I’ve got some starter packages ready to go and I’ve got some groovy add-ons in case you’re looking for something a little different! And pretty soon I’ll be launching phase 2 – SHOPIFY STORES! YEAHHHHHH!

Let me know what you think of the site in the comments below! Sign up for the newsletter! Learn about content marketing and websites with me! Yay!