Questions from you, answers from me.


Here's a list of questions I figured you might have. Something you need to know that's not on here? Shoot me a line at [email protected]. We can be besties.

How does it work?

Depending on the package you choose, we get started as soon as you're ready to go. Here are the two main things you need to have ready before I get started:

  • A domain name (you can purchase this wherever you want to)
  • Web hosting (bring your own or host with me for $20 CAD/month billed annually)

I can walk you through how to find hosting that's right for you and if you decide to host with me, you can migrate at any time. I believe you should own your site and be free to make changes and updates once I'm done helping you launch. What I'm saying is, I won't force you to pay me every time you want to make a change because you'll be empowered to do it on your own! That is, if you want to!

What if I need more help outside of your packages?

I can help you figure out the best solution to whatever it is you're going to need. I also have a delicious menu of add-ons you can pick from.

Can I swap out items in the packages for other things?

Each package comes with a specific set of tools I've found to be the most helpful over the years. They're also the least likely to make your website glitch out and will elevate your website's status on search engines. While I encourage everyone to try new things all the time, these packages are really shy and they like to stick to what they know best. So no, there are no swapsies. Once we're done with your initial build I'm happy to run a consulting session with you to see what else you'd like to add!

What if I want to use Wix or Squarespace or Shopify?

Those are definitely options! I've worked with both! However the packages outlined on the home page won't apply to these platforms. Since I use WordPress almost exclusively for the majority of my websites and I know it extremely well, I'm able to offer really great prices for this platform alone. If you want help with a website on a different platform just drop me a line and we can work out pricing together.

How long does it take?

Typically turnaround will take about a month, give or take. Honestly it depends on how intricate you want to get! A basic 5 page website where you're bringing your own content will most likely take about 2 weeks, but I'll be upfront and honest with you if I think it'll take longer. I'll always keep you up to date on the status of development.

Once your site is done I offer ongoing support outside of the packages outlined on the home page.

What do I do with my site when I don't have you anymore to help me?

I'll always be around for consulting! Plus I'll give you a reference guide to use that's tailored to your own site when you embark into the world wide web all by yourself!

What's your consulting fee?

Website consulting is locked in at $75/hour my friend! Check out the add-ons for other consulting options.


I can definitely take an initial look at your site to see what might be causing problems to determine if I can help! If I can't, I'll tell you, and I'll refer you to a colleague who can. If I can, my hourly labor rate is $100.

Full transparency. You know you love it.

Let's make you a website!

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