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Not every package is perfect for everyone and sometimes you need a bit of a refresher to get your brand to where it needs to be to stay relevant. Here are a few of the ways I can help you to do that.

Graphic Design

Business cards, infographics, you name it. Need a logo? Here's how it works: after an initial consult to review your brand, I'll give you 3 versions of a logo. You pick one you like best and I'll do up to 3 revisions on it. This will run you $300. Any revisions after that are priced at $75/hour. Straight and to the point pricing and descriptions, gotta love it!


If you decide to bring your own content or if you plan to use content marketing/search engine marketing (SEM) going forward (which I highly recommend you do), you'll want to have an SEO strategy in place with the fundamentals setup and ready to go. Since this is an ever changing field a refresher might be useful after about 6 months or so. Keep in mind, SEO isn't something that happens over night, it takes time. SEO work clocks in at $100/hour.

Marketing Consulting

Say you really have no clue what the heck to do or where to start. An hour or two of chatting and understanding your business' needs will lead to a number of actionable solutions you can work on right away. Maybe you feel like your marketing strategy is stale, or you're not attracting new clients the way you used to. We can find something together to fix that. Marketing consulting rounds up to $100/hour.

Website Consulting

Know what you're doing technically but need a marketing/branding boost for your website? Need some ideas? Want some tips? Let's chat about where you're at and what you could do to make your website better. Website consulting is a steal at $75/hour!

Don't know where to start? Let's chat!

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