Me, myself, and I.


This is me! I am a human who makes websites. One day, a robot will probably make you a website. When that day comes, we will probably all be relaxing a lot more and preparing for the robot uprising. Make friends with robots now.

Oh hai!

Oh hello! Thank you for clicking on the about page! What a lovely gesture! Let me return the favour by telling you a few things about me.

  • I really love cake
  • I'm currently binge watching Cheers (that sly Sam!)
  • I make horror movies

Every single one of those points is true. I promise. Do some digging, you'll find me 😉

Anyway you're probably here to see whether or not I'm qualified to make you a website or not. That's fair! I've been making websites for the last 10 years. I've used Wix, Squarespace, Tumblr, and of course Live Journal. I mean... WordPress. You're here for a WordPress site.

I've managed dozens of WordPress sites and developed half of those myself. While not all of them are still around (which is a good thing, because if they were the brands I developed them for would be very out of date by now) you can check out the most recent ones in my portfolio. You know you want to see yours up there next!

So let me tell you why I want to make you a website!

Recently, I've stumbled across so many small businesses with either no website, or something very bare-bones that I can't figure out what they're selling. I know these companies have great products and services, but I'd never trust them because it looks like they're using GeoCities and they're going to put a terrible curse upon my computer.

I don't want that to happen to you. I want people to trust you and your brand. I also want to help you communicate your messaging clearly and coherently, so that anyone landing on your site will be able to get from entry point to conversion quickly and easily.

How about marketing?

I've been a marketer for the last six years, working in agencies and non-profits. I've worked on marketing campaigns, email strategies, social media, content creation, videos, podcasts, communications and a LOT of graphic design. Have a question about marketing? Let's chat!

And yeah, I definitely make horror movies.

Get in touch!

I'm available on Twitter, Instagram, Email and Linkedin. Pick one, pick 'em all, let's chat about your new website and this beautiful start to our html journey together!

Where I Work

Toronto, Ontario. Let's get a coffee! I can also do Skype, Google Hangouts, Slack, whatever! I'm available.



Twitter: @emilymilling

Instagram: Emee44

Linkedin: Emily Milling



[email protected]

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